Friday, July 9, 2010

Last Day :(

Today is the last day of our trip to Japan. Last night we had barely anything to eat, so we were both very hungry. We went to a Japanese restaurant. At the restaurant we discovered that crab, scallops, and salmon are local specialities. Michael ate Genghis Khan, a lamb barbecue named after the great Mongolian warrior. This dish has many original sauces in which the lamb is either marinated or dipped after grilling. At the restaurant I ate Ramen. Ramen is popular noodles in Japan, among different kinds of soups for Ramen, “miso” soup is originally from Sapporo, making “Sapporo Miso Ramen” famous all over Japan. Then I had Jingisukan. Jingisukan is one of the local specialties in Hokkaido; it is barbecued mutton or lamb. At home or outdoors, this barbecue is so popular among Hokkaido people. Michael and I a bit more but we didn't eat dessert. We went back to the hotel and ate the Mizar lobby lounge. There is a small fireplace, and at the Mizar they serve coffee, fresh juice, cake, and chocolate are readily available morning to night. We both ate our dessert there. It was so delicious... I wish they had something like this back in Ottawa. There on the streets the clothing was a bit less modern and was almost completely free of any formality whatsoever.

This was the cake we ate.

(By MikeyA-S) After we left the Mizar lobby lounge it was about 1:00. Our flight to Vancouver was at 7:00 so we still had about 5 hours left before we headed to the airport, and we wanted to make the most of our day, so we visited the Sapporo Beer Museum. The Sapporo beer museum was originally a brewery. The brewery opened in 1890, 120 years ago by the Sapporo Sugar Company. The beer museum kept on brewing beer up until 1965. After 22 years it finally changed into a museum in 1987. The museum has three floors, and all tours are open and free to the public. Take it from someone who has done it, the tour is great! The guide was really nice. He seemed like he really enjoyed his job as a tour guide in a beer museum.
By the time we had come out of the beer museum it was 5:00! Only one hour left before we needed to leave for the airport :(. There wasn't anything that Veraj or I could think of that was both fun, and could be done in an hour, so we decided to just pack up and go to the airport. This is part of a trip is always sad, no matter how good the rest of trip is.

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