Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Sky Dream and the Uminonakamichi

Today in Fukuoka Veraj and I decided to visit the Sky Dream and the Uminonakamichi. When we were entering the ride, a security guard stopped us and told us that we needed to pay. The price was 500 ¥ per person. As we were inside the Sky Dream Veraj pointed out that most of the older people in other carts were wearing clothes unlike the ones we wore in North America. They were wearing more traditional clothes than most of the younger people, who wore clothes that were alike North American clothes. I also saw a lot of people eating squid, some people eating shrimp, and raw fish. Some people had sushi rolls in their mouths. I personally, am scared of heights, but I loved being at the top of the ferris wheel. All in all, the Sky Wheel was a great experience.

After we left the Sky Dream we went to the Uminonakamichi. When we got there we barely saw anyone, so the lines on the rides were pretty much empty. We started with a roller coaster called the "Jet Coaster" it is a pretty good roller coaster with a very steep drop at the start. The drop took both Veraj and I by surprise. There was an obstacle course that looked fairly easy, but when you actually tried to do the course, let's just say that it wasn't easy. I almost fell in the water on the tire swings, and there was some freaky stuff growing in the bottom of the water.

(By vparuthi)It was a long ride back from Uminonakamichi. While riding back to the hosts' house they told things about themselves. First, Tokoshima told us that she was 47 years old and that when she was young she went to a private school. The private school that she went is now demolished. She told me that her son was in Tokyo working as a sarariman and he was 21 years old. He went to a boarding school in Sapporo.

This is the Sky Dream.

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