Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Landing in Tokyo

Today Veraj and I flew to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. Veraj and I played our PSPs on the flight. We landed at around 11:30pm. The Hotel we're staying at is called the Grand Palace. When we got in both Veraj and I were hungry from racing in Gran Turismo, so we decided to go to the restaurant inside the hotel to get lunch. There were 5 different restaurants within the hotel. Both Veraj and I wanted to try sushi, it was great! I had California rolls, deep-fried dumplings, lemon chicken, teriyaki beef, and red bean ice cream for dessert. Veraj had Yummy rolls, lemon chicken, teriyaki beef, deep-fried dumplings, and mango ice cream for dessert.

When we went outside to go buy some souvenirs for our family, we started sweating, it was 26 degrees Celsius. I decided to buy wood print blocks for myself, Japanese candy for my brother, a kimono for my mom, a men's kimono for my dad, and a squeaky toy for my dog. Veraj decide to buy a men's kimono for his dad, a kimono for his mom and a how-to book on origami for himself. The man in the kimono shop was really nice; he helped us pick out the kimonos for our parents. He seemed to be curious about why Canadian kids were in a kimono shop in Tokyo. He also seemed to be happy that we had studied about Japan over in Canada. It was fun looking around for souvenirs for our families.

It had taken us almost the entire day to go shopping for souvenirs, so we decided to pack in for the night and go back to the hotel and race some more on our PSPs, it is now 10:00 and we're about to go to sleep.

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