Thursday, July 1, 2010

Landing in Japan

This is the Sky Dream in Fukuoka.
Ah... it feels great to finally rest after a total of 17 hours of flight time in one day. It is summer break and Veraj and I are on trip to Japan for two weeks. We started in Ottawa, Ontario and flew to Prince Rupert, BC. From Prince Rupert we flew to Fukuoka, the capital city of Kyushu. We were welcomed by the pleasant smiles of our hosts. As soon as I walked outside I stared at Fukuoka, it was bustling with people. But what surprised Veraj and I the most, was how many plants there were. No wonder it was voted 14th in the world's most liveable cities. Outside the temperature was about 25 degrees Celsius and it was very humid.
As our hosts drove us back we stared out the window of their car looking at landmarks and buildings. Some of the ones we saw were Sky Dream Fukuoka, one of the world's largest ferris wheels it was at least 100 meters high! In Canada Veraj had heard about it and wanted to go on it because you could also eat inside of it! Veraj and I made a note to go on it later. We saw Uminonakamichi, a seaside park that has an amusement park, an obstacle course, gardens, beaches, an aquarium and even a hotel!
Veraj and I just got to our hosts house. So far, our hosts have been very nice, they have asked us if we would like a snack or if we would like some tea. They have made us feel very welcome. We are very tired and are about to go to sleep. It is 10:30.

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